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What is Lymphatic Drainage?


This type of massage speeds up movement of lymph, the clear fluid which carries the natural waste products of the cells, excess hormones, germs, environmental toxins, etc. through a system of lymph nodes.


These nodes (located primarily at the big joints, throat and deep in the abdomen) remove the toxins and clean the lymph well enough to be dumped back into the bloodstream, where it becomes part of the blood plasma.


What is a session like?

This varies greatly, depending upon the reason for the treatment.
In general, this work is a very gentle pumping motion, which mimics the natural flow of the lymph; with deeper work in the areas of the nodes. It tends to be very relaxing and hypnotic. Because of my strong shiatsu background, I like to include neck work and arm and leg rotations, which greatly enhance lymph flow.

We can do a full-body, general session, or take the same amount of time to address more detailed and specific, local issues.

A session always includes work on the neck and around the collar bones. Issues involving the arms or breasts require work in the armpits, and drainage for the legs, butt and lower abdomen require work in the area of the groin.

I often use part of the session to teach “dry-brushing” or self breast massage and, if the treatment is for cellulite, I include both a massage oil and a bath oil for home use.

Of course, any of us can benefit from regular sessions to improve the efficiency of our lymphatic system, helping to maintain a cleaner cellular environment.

Why get Lymphatic Drainage?


While any of us can benefit from regular sessions to improve the efficiency of our lymphatic system, I have had great results helping clients cope with:


  • environmental illness/ heavy metal detox

  • pre- / post- surgery (including dental surgery and liposuction) to greatly reduce swelling and discomfort and speed healing

  • Breast issues: water retention and tenderness, fluid-filled cysts, fibrocystic breasts, surgery for augmentation or reduction, and redirection of lymph flow following cancer surgery with lymph node removal

  • Sinus problems

  • Cellulite

  • Younger looking skin

Lymphatic Drainage

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