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What is Shiatsu?


The Chinese medical system is based on the idea that “qi” (life force energy) flows through the body in pathways called “channels” or “meridians”. When it is flowing freely we are in good health. When the qi is blocked, due to injury, surgery, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, etc., we may become ill, uncomfortable, or out of sorts.

The Japanese adopted this Chinese medical theory (which is also used in acupuncture) and created shiatsu as hands-on bodywork to stimulate the free flow of qi, helping your body/mind/spirit to function at it’s best.


What is a session like?

“Shiatsu” translates from Japanese as “finger pressure”. ...It is also pressure from thumbs, palms, elbows and knees along lines of energy that run throughout the body. I add in rotations and stretches for all the joints and muscles.
Thanks to my tutorials with Ohashi, my neck work is exceptional!

You will feel much more open, relaxed and refreshed---- either energized and ready to get out and tackle the world, or in touch with your need to go home and get some sleep.
I do shiatsu on a futon on the floor--- but will accommodate you by working on the table, if getting up and down is problematic for you.

Why Get Shiatsu?
  • Recovery from sore muscles from over-exercising

  • Improved mobility and flexibility

  • Relief from stress and reduction of stress induced symptoms

  • So you can feel your best!


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